The magic of Tango

The tango dance is a dance for embracing couples who improvise their movements. That is why tango is said to be a “heart-to-heart” dance. It is as simple as hugging and walking together.

With this simplicity, tango becomes an incredibly beautiful dance and allows everyone to dance it. With time and practice, you can learn seemingly more difficult movements, which are actually variations of the basic ones. That is why having a good foundation is so important.

At Mi Escuela de Tango, you will learn the tools that will allow you to have a good technical foundation and truly understand the essence of tango dancing.

I could tell you for hours about the wonder of this dance and the physical and emotional well-being it can positively affect in your life. But I believe it’s better for you to discover it for yourself and experience the magic of tango.


Gracias Guillermo!
My many lessons with you during February 2016 were perfect.

You opened the door for me to the essence and soul of tango. So much played a role: your skills and patience as a teacher who has a deep understanding of the essence of tango, the tango culture and the tools and techniques to use to teach your university study of tango and professor degree distinguish you from the multitude of teachers in Buenos Aires your warmth as a person you helping me to disassociate and find and maintain my axis and balance you doing numerous exercises and working with me to express intention and be graceful when l walk and pivot you exploring musicality with me you emphasizing how crucial the connection, the embrace and the “now moment” are for tango dancing and enabling me to let go and experience meshing with my partner you helping me to create and feel my own personal dance style Your expertise and personalized lesson plan for me produced great results and allowed me to begin a new tango chapter, on a higher level, free of any doubt and with confidence and elegance.

A dream come true! I look forward to lessons with you on my next trip to Tango Mecca and will certainly highly recommend you to people I know traveling to BA!!!

Testimonio de Linda B., USA

About me

Teaching is not the same as dancing.

Teaching, in itself, is an act of love. It is about sharing knowledge with others and helping them find their own way.

Dancing, on the other hand, is an art form in itself. It is a spontaneous expression that cannot be repeated. It’s like the flight of a bird; it leaves no trace. Each tango is a work in itself, where the dancers are both the artists and the artwork.

The mission of a teacher is to help you find the tanguero/a that is within you, which is unique and irreplaceable. No one has or will have your style, and that is one of the dimensions of the beauty of tango: everything is different and yet similar.

My academic background

I received pedagogical training to teach tango exclusively, in addition to my experience in the milongas of Buenos Aires and the legacy of my tango family.

My official training was at the CETBA, Centro de Estudios del Tango en Buenos Aires, popularly known as the Tango University, and at the Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture), both official institutions of the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

These allowed me to acquire specific pedagogical and didactic tools to teach tango dancing.

But my great transformation to become a tango teacher came from master Rodolfo Dinzel, with whom I trained at his school, the Dinzel Studio, for 2 years.

With Master Dinzel, it was a turning point, because I learned and developed tools to improve anyone’s dance.

Today, after more than 10 years teaching tango in Buenos Aires to people from all over the world, I feel a true maturity as a tango teacher and can transmit in a concise and effective way the specific knowledge that each person needs.

My main desire is that if your wish is to dance tango, you can learn without any impediment. Just take the plunge and you will see that it is possible.

Tango is danced between two

The masculine and feminine vision is present in my pedagogy, which means any man or woman can learn regardless of age, experience, social status, culture, language, etc.

We work on your whole body from feet to head, especially on posture because in dance in general it’s important, but in tango, it’s crucial.

Along with this, we work on body movement, knowing its limits and possibilities and integrate it with the embrace and music, which are basic conditions for moving as a pair.

Just like our grandparents learned, I teach both roles because this knowledge allows for a greater understanding of your partner and enriches your dance.

Having a good technical and conceptual base is fundamental to understanding, learning, and above all, enjoying tango dancing.

My classes

There are many ways to learn how to dance tango.

If you are a beginner or have little experience and want to learn within a specific time frame, private classes are highly recommended.

In these classes, we personalize your learning experience so that you can achieve exponential progress.

Each class focuses on a specific theme with precise exercises that will transform your body and enhance your perception and sensitivity.

For beginners, having a good foundation is very important, where you become aware of your body and work on your movements while understanding your limits and possibilities.

We have a comfortable fully equipped dance hall on Militärstrasse, in the center of Zurich, where you can come alone or with a partner.

Our private classes are an intense one-hour session where you encounter something new to develop each class, and you end up with something new that you have discovered to improve your dance.

No matter your age, experience, or physical abilities, EVERYONE CAN LEARN TO DANCE TANGO! We are waiting for you.

Group Classes:

Tuesdays from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at ASZ (Autonome Schule Zürich)

Fridays from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at Tangoargentino School in Zurich

Militärstrasse 84, 1st Floor, 8004 Zurich

Thematic Workshops:

The Caminata in Tango

Sunday, October 1st, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Tangoargentino School in Zurich

Militärstrasse 84, 1st Floor, 8004 Zurich

Private Lessons:

Dates and times to be arranged.


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Would you like to achieve a good, elegant, feline walk? Would you like to make the most of your pivots? Do you want to know how to turn your whole body to achieve comfortable combinations of sacadas, barridas, ganchos, boleos, among others? Do you want to know how to work on dissociation? Do you want to understand musicality and enjoy playing with it and your partner?

The body has possibilities and limits in movements, and we use these very sparingly and unconsciously.

Working on all the possibilities and limits of movement can improve the quality of your dance, mutual enjoyment with your partner, and general well-being in your health.

In addition, it significantly improves your posture and aesthetics in your life and tango in all movements.

Now is always the best time.

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